Concave Mouldings

Prefabricated KORTE Concave Mouldings are the ideal solution for details to ensure a clean floor/wall joint.


Properties and advantages of KORTE Concave Mouldings

  • Suitable for floor/wall joints with floor coatings
  • Can be used wherever hygiene and cleanness are important – e.g. in hospitals, clean rooms, canteen kitchens, food production, etc.
  • For new buildings and renovations, interiors and exteriors
  • Industrially produced from polymer resin (UP)
  • Water-tight, frost- and weather-proof, biocide
  • Aesthetically pleasing and versatile
  • Fire class B1 (fire-retardant)
  • Six types of moulding for an exact fit
  • Simple handling: glue – prime – coat – done!

Applications of KORTE Concave Mouldings

Case 1:
Defective seals on balconies, recessed balconies, access balconies, and terraces? What now?

This type of damage to seals often arises due to inadequate planning and workmanship, unsuitable or deficient materials, but also due to climatic influences (temperature differences, precipitation, heat and frost), and chemical loads (acid rain, CO2 emissions). Moreover, mechanical stress such as abrasion from walking or concentrated loads can cause damage to the coating or covering.
This enables moisture to penetrate the components underneath and results in damage to the building structure.

The solution

ndustrially manufactured KORTE Concave Mouldings made of polymer resin are the perfect solution for all floor/wall joints on balconies, terraces, access balconies, etc.

Hohlkehlenprofil H50/25

Concave Moulding with external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS)

Hohlkehlenprofil H70/50

Concave Moulding for dry walling with adjustment screws

Hohlkehlenprofil H50/50 mit Fuge

Concave Moulding (‚fillet‘) with gap formed according to DIN 18540

Concave Moulding used for standard applications 2-K EP and 1-K PU

Case 2:
Hygiene and aesthetics

Installation of a Concave Moulding (fillet) without void content between floor and wall is obligatory for hygiene reasons.

The solution

For such cases, KORTE Concave Mouldings made of polymer resin provide a fast, clean and aesthetic solution.
Industrially manufactured KORTE Concave Mouldings can be used in hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, canteen kitchens, industrial halls (food production), wherever cleanness and hygiene are important.

Concave Moulding with transition to tiling

Concave Moulding for dry walling with adjustment screws

Case 3:
Special application on retro-fitted precast balconies

A precast balcony is subsequently fitted. Water runs through the gap between the balcony and the façade onto the balcony below.
This annoys the residents and can dirty the façade.

The solution

A KORTE Spitter is fitted on the façade. A KORTE Concave Moulding (e.g. type H100/50) is fitted to the floor of the balcony.
The Spitter now projects beyond the Concave Moulding. This ensures the water runs off at the ‚correct‘ point and prevents damage.

Concave Moulding with Drip Strip type, with pre-cast balcony

Case 4:
Low-cost and time-saving floor/wall joint

To reduce the crack width by 50% in the region of the floor/wall joint, prefabricated KORTE mouldings are a low-cost and time-saving alternative.

The solution

Instead of the usual concave elements, KORTE Drip Strip type T3 can be used as the floor/wall joint if this is aesthetically acceptable.
Drip Strip type T3 is inexpensive, quickly and easily installed and has a small gluing and coating surface. Ideal, for example, for multistorey car parks.
Type T3 rigid is used for straight components and type T3 flexible for curved components.

Tropfkantenprofil T3

Smallest floor/wall joint with Drip Strip

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Handling KORTE Concave Mouldings

The mouldings are normally glued with 2-component epoxy resin (EP) to provide a shear-resistant connection and avoid cracking between the floor coating and moulding. The join to the rising wall is effected with 1-component polyurethane (PU), if necessary, with a gap formed according to DIN 18540.
The Concave Mouldings are compatible with most common floor coating systems. Please consult our handling guidelines for detailed information.


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