Prefabricated KORTE Spitters (‚water drips‘) ensure the water drips off at the right point. This efficiently prevents dirt on and damage to façades and components.


Properties and advantages of KORTE Spitters

  • Suitable for vertical components and façades
  • Avoids and prevents dirt, patina and dust deposits on façades
  • Prevents caustic corrosion on glass
  • Industrially produced from polymer resin (epoxy resin)
  • Low weight (density approx. 600 kg/m3), with approx. 25% void content
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Fire class B1 (fire-retardant)
  • Two types of moulding for an exact fit when applying and bridging
  • Simple handling: glue – prime – coat – done!

Applications of KORTE Spitters

Case 1:
Attica sheet for subsequently fitted ETICS

Attica sheet is too short and water penetrates the subsequently fitted external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS).
Dirt and damage to components and façades result.

The solution

A KORTE Spitter is applied above the projecting ETICS so that water can no longer penetrate the insulation and then the façade.

Abtropfprofil A45 WDVS

Spitter on attica sheet over external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS)

Case 2:
Window reveal for subsequently fitted ETICS

Due to wrongly fitted external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS), the gradient of the window reveal is not correct.
Water runs over the window, resulting in dirt and caustic corrosion on the glass.

The solution

A KORTE Spitter is fitted on the ETICS above the window reveal and thus prevents dirt on the component and caustic corrosion on the glass.

Abtropfprofil A30

Spitter above ceiling shear crack

Case 3:
Ceiling shear crack and shear crack in façade

Ceiling shear cracks arise due to thermal expansion of the concrete ceiling due to wrongly fitted insulation.
As a result, a horizonal crack occurs in the façade and water enters.

The solution

A KORTE Spitter is glued on above the crack.
This causes the water to run off ‚correctly‘ and prevents damage.

Abtropfprofil A30

Spitter over window reveal

Case 4:
Angled tile

Lack of spacing with a wrongly laid angled tile. The water runs over the face end and penetrates the component.
This results in dirt and flaking on components.

The solution

A KORTE Spitter is fitted directly below the angled tile so that the water can run off at the ‚correct‘ point and no damage can occur to components and façades.

Abtropfprofil A15 mit Fliese

Spitter adjoining angled tile

Case 5:
Special application on retro-fitted precast balconies

A precast balcony is subsequently fitted. Water runs through the gap between the balcony and the façade onto the balcony below.
This annoys the residents and can dirty the façade.

The solution

A KORTE Spitter is fitted on the façade. A KORTE Concave Moulding (e.g. type H100/50) is fitted to the floor of the balcony.
The Spitter now projects beyond the Concave Moulding. This ensures the water runs off at the ‚correct‘ point and prevents damage.
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Concave Moulding with Spitter type, with pre-cast balcony

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Handling KORTE Spitters

The spitters are glued over their entire surface with 1-component polyurethane (PU). Because of the high void content, the spitters must necessarily be coated (primer, second coat and top coat). Please consult our handling guidelines for detailed information.


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